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Five Core Classes that offer great variety, including high-intensity interval training, yoga, cycling, functional fitness and more.

Fit Method is the only place that incorporates full body conditioning for mind and body.

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Popular Training Classes

Fit Method offers 5 core high-intensity training classes, as well as specialty classes on an ongoing basis. 


A revolutionary way to target the mind, body and soul! Burn calories, tone arms, legs and core all while spinning! This awesome cycle class brings together weights and cardio “all in one” while on a bike.


45 min of circuit training using a combination of TRX, sand bells, slam balls, Bosu, and body bar that targets the whole body with an emphasis on core conditioning. This class will strengthen, tone and burn body fat.

TRX® Express

Our express 30 minute high intensity interval training class using solely your body weight on the TRX . Moves are set to music and performed at specific tempos to tone the entire body - while building core stability and strength.

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Try any of our four high-intensity classes at our Gilbert location - in a friendly, passionate environment.

Success Stories

Alyson first started at 194 pounds. Poor eating habits and inconsistent workouts caused her to gain weight. Having been an athlete all her life, Alyson knew what it took. We helped her slowly change her eating habits until it became a lifestyle. She trained hard combining high-intensity workouts with weighted exercises, dropping an amazing 46 pounds and getting to 148 pounds. She is a prime example of what changing your lifestyle and habits looks like while still living life and being social with friends and family.


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This class has the regular benefits of yoga with a killer cardio session. Focuses on flowing from one pose to the next without rest — providing terrific calorie burn and meditative benefits.

Track your progress after every workout with your AccuroFit heart rate monitor.

Amber had thyroid issues and no desire to ever compete until she started actually seeing changes with her body. She discovered she had enough confidence to train for a competition. With hard work, determination and motivation, she has changed her lifestyle. She went from 145 pounds to 118. Size 9-10 to a size 0-2!

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